Basic Rules to Remember

1. Favorable rules for the player:

a. Early Surrender: allows you to give up or surrender one half of your bet before the dealer looks at his hole card and you've taken a hit. Good for situations like your 15 or 16 versus the dealer's exposed 10.' b. Late Surrender: a variation of the above. Allows you to surrender one-half of your bet after the you have taken one card or more, prior to the dealer exposing his/her hole card. c. Blackjack paid at 2-1: reduces the casino's edge by 2.2%. Not commonly found. d. Double after split (DAS): commonly applied rule variation that is very helpful to players. e. Dealer stands on soft 17: only a .2% help for the player, but good nonetheless. f. Resplit of Aces: allows you to save a split ace hand by splitting again. This same applies to other splits as well.

2. Some Helpful Hints

a. Never split 5's. b. Always split 8s and Aces. c. Always double on 11 except when the dealer shows an Ace. d. Never take insurance. e. Never hit your hand when you have a total more than 13 and the dealer is showing 2-6. f. Never stand when you have a soft 12-17. g. Always hit your hand if you have a 12-16 and the dealer is showing 7-Ace. h. Never play when you aren't in the best frame of mind. i. Never play when you have had too much to drink. j. Never bet to impress others. k. Never risk your entire bankroll. l. Never chase your losses with larger bets. m. Only play in times and places you feel comfortable.


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