Gambling News - November 2006 Edition

Online Casinos Popular Among Professional Football Players

After it was reported that goalkeeper Roy Carroll, had to seek treatment for gambling and alcohol-related problems, West Ham manager, Alan Pardew, revealed his concern that there was a gambling culture among his players.  Pardew said that he believes that exorbitant amounts of money were being bet at online casinos, which has the effect of dampening team morale.  According to Pardew, poker is particularly popular among team players.  “I think the problem is getting bigger in football because poker has become enormously popular and players in the top wage bracket can bet at a different, higher level”, Pardew said. 

While Roy Carroll’s father denied that his son was having gambling and drinking problems, maintaining, instead, that his son was suffering from stress, Pardew insisted that the problem of gambling among team members had to be addressed:  “I am going to address the situation with gambling, because it is not the first time it has happened at the club. It is a difficult situation for a manager to police because it is not as if you see piles of money change hands”.

With the advent of online casinos, gambling has never been more convenient and major league athletes are apparently no more immune to the appeal of an online casino than we are.  The effects of gambling too much at an online casino can even effect the team, as Purdue noted: “What has come out of Roy's problem is that there is gambling going on within the group and I have to sort it out before it becomes a bigger issue."

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