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Betfair to Sponsor Winner of Christmas Poker Tournament

Online casino and poker room operator, Betfair, announced that it plans to sponsor the winner of the “12 Plays of Christmas” poker tournament.  The online casino said that it is offering poker players a chance to win a sponsorship in the amount of $20,000 that will be awarded to the player regarded as the most consistently successful during the daily $10,000 and $15,000 guaranteed tournaments.  The player recognized as such will then be eligible for live events valued up to $20,000 and will also become a sponsored professional poker player for Betfair

The head of Betfair, Ben Fried, said that obtaining the winning spot at the tournament is a daunting task since only the very best and consistent player will win.  Whoever the final winner is, he or she will be joining an impressive list of professionals playing for the online casino including Ben ‘milkybarkid’ Grundy, Swedish player Bengt Sonnert, and STT player Thomas ‘Buzzer’ Bhil.  Fried added that Betfair is thinking of calling the winner of the “Twelve Plays of Christmas” tournament the “poker god” because of the challenge of achieving the winning position.

The events planned for the “Twelve Plays of Christmas” include bounty tournaments, team games and a tournament called the Snowball.  The Snowball tournament is a $50,000 plus free roll tournament that begins on the first of December and continues through to January 7th.  During the course of the same month as the “Twelve Days of Christmas” tournament, Betfair plans to give away approximately $240,000 worth of prizes as well.

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