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An online slot operates in much the same manner as the machines found in today's casinos. They're all reliant on a random number generator (RNG). In the casino, the RNG is built into the machine; online, it's written into the programming.

The number of "reels" and the number of coins a player inserts determines the overall payback of any machine. In days gone by, randomness was limited by physical technology. However, with computerized number generators there's another fly in the ointment in that the programmer can write the script for any payback percentage.

This might make a player wary of computerized and/or online slot machines but the truth is, if the programmer creates a script that pays few winners, players will either lose all their money or quit playing in frustration. This leads to casino losses in the long run. Therefore, programs are written to provide balanced outcomes based on a payback percentage.

Payback percentage is simply what the machine can be expected to return to players in the long run. For example, a machine set at 96 percent should return 96 cents out of every dollar. The house gets to keep 4 cents. This doesn't mean you will get 96 cents back for every dollar you play. You might get less or more or you could hit the jackpot and get much, much more than your dollar. What's important to understand is the expression "long term."

The RNG is coordinated with the symbols on the machine to produce a 96 percent payback after thousands of thousands of tries. So, in essence, your own payback percentage will depend on one thing and one thing only-luck. Even if a program is set to pay 50 percent, if you are in the right place at the right time, you could realize a profit.

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