Playing Slots

Playing slots doesn't require too much brain power but because different machines have different requirements. So, it's important to follow a few general checkpoints.

1. Before you play your first coin or credit, make sure you know what denomination you are playing.

2. Read the payback schedule to see if the jackpot is available only for maximum coins played. For instance, three jackpot symbols might pay 100 coins for one, 200 coins for two, but 1000 coins for three. (This kind of machine is termed a bonus multiplier. If all payoffs are proportionate--100 for 1, 200 for 2 and 300 for three--it's simply a multiplier.)

3. On bonus multiplier machines, always play the maximum number of credits. On simple multiplier, you can choose to play any number of coins remembering that the more you play, the bigger the payoff when you hit something.

4. Some machines will payout on certain symbols only. Referred to as Buy A Pay machines, these pay on certain symbols only for specific number of coins or credits played. You might get two-for-one when you get a cherry but nothing when you hit three bars because for that combination, you need two coins.

5. If you're playing a machine that has a progressive jackpot, to save your sanity, always play the maximum number of coins required to win it. There's no gambling letdown as devastating as lining up all the jackpot symbols and getting only a tiny amount of money when, had you played those extra coins, you would have experienced a windfall.

6. If you choose multi-line machines, double check to see whether you have to play the maximum number of coins to win the jackpot.

7. Take your time. Playing slots isn't a matter of speed. In fact, the faster you play, the faster you will lose if you don't hit something. Play at a reasonable speed and enjoy yourself.

8. Don't chase. If you begin to think you'll never get even or win, stop. Choose another machine or quit for the day. If you lose have your bankroll, move down to a lower denomination. You can always move up after you've recovered your losses.

9. Don't play more than you can afford to lose in one sitting. If you have $25 as a bankroll, you'd be wise to play the lowest denomination machine that requires the fewest coins per pull. This will allow your bankroll to stretch out over a longer period of time. If, however, you choose to play that $25 in quarters or higher, you're likely to lose it very quickly.

10. Understand the psychology. A casino attracts a multitude of players. Overall, those players will leave some of their money behind. A few will take money out. The amount taken out by the winners is far and away offset by the amount left behind by winners. Players hit jackpots all the time and these jackpots come from the losses of others.

11. Cash out. Slot machines are a big gamble. When you get ahead, take the money.

Remember most of all to play responsibly, have fun, and take your good luck winnings to the bank.


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