Slot - Present Day

The world of slot machine gambling, limited to a few geographical areas by law, remained unchanged for decades. This is how the world of slot machines came to be and existed until 1980 when Bally Manufacturing changed the picture with an electronic slot machine that included multiple coin play and more payout combinations. This particular version became more or less a basic framework to be imitated by others. In the 1990s the competitive market swelled to accommodate the growth of casino gaming in the United States. Machines became more complex, including enticing graphics, movie and video clips, second-chances, hidden jackpots, a variety of progressives.

For the most part, the typical, old-fashioned real reel machine bit the dust and was replaced by a video screen that simulates reels. Today, these multiple payoff lines and payoffs provided by myriad machine makers, are-because they have to be--totally controlled by a computer chip.

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